DKQ HK TECHNOLOGY LIMITED is an international professional active and passive component dealer with sales and agency integration. It is committed to actively develop the distribution rights of electronic components of various international well-known brands to meet the needs of customers in different fields. Since its establishment, the company insists on providing high-quality products, professional services and the integrity of customers, which has been well received by various electronic manufacturers. With the spirit of innovation, professionalism and efficiency, we hope to bring high-quality services and products to Asia and even to demand manufacturers from all over the world.

Company's main products:

(1) Power IC, voltage regulator IC, single-chip IC, memory chip, communication IC and other electronic components

(2) TTL circuit: 74hc, 74ls, 74HCT series, CMOS circuit: 4000, 5000 series, linear circuit: LM, LF, TL series

(3) Photocoupler IC series: Toshiba, NEC, Sharp, fairy and Agilent, and other major world-renowned manufacturers optical coupling, TLP, PS, PC, MOC series

(4) Diode, triode, field effect tube, MOSFET tube, Schottky, fast recovery tube, regulator diode

(5) Full range of SMD, DIP, LED light emitting, capacitance resistance, inductance beads, crystal vibration filter, buzzer, etc.

(6) GTR, IGBT, IPM, thyristor, rectifier bridge produced by Mitsubishi, Fuji, Toshiba, Simon Kang and other companies, DC/DC, AC/DC, rectifier power module, voltage sensor produced by VICOR, LAMBDA, TDK and other companies

(7) Infrared emission, reception, photoelectric switch, data transmission, sensor, laser tube, original silicon photoelectric hall, etc.

(8) High frequency microwave devices: MRF series, FLL series, BLF series, HMC series, PTF series, etc.

(9) Relays: Panasonic, Omron, Fujitsu, Tyco, NEC, Kaohsizawa and other brands.

There are five perfect advantages of DKQ HK TECHNOLOGY LIMITED: diversified commodities, perfect service, reasonable price, excellent quality, instant messaging.